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True love is like a miracle...
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Welcome to my community!!!

My name is Kira , 17 years old))

This is community for me and my friends!!I'll post here my new fics and on-going old fics!!

Some rules:(please read)
1.At first welcome to my community,I'm glad to see new faces here BUT!I'm just tired to repeat , at first with sending a request to add here , you've to add me to your friend's list and drop a comment here:http://figlenka16.livejournal.com/10071.html
2.Second,If you're add me don't DISAPPEAR,if you're add here ,that means that you're interest in me and my fics,but how you can have an interest if you're never commented here or talked to me?So,COMMENTS ARE <3,silent readers , I don't BITE , I just can squezze you in my embrace!
3.If anyone wants to post a fics there , drop a message to me ,okay?
4.And soon I'll make post and will clean my f-list and leave all ppl with whom I communicate(my real friends),because some causes made me very upset a days ago...
Please if you're here, follow the rules.
Thanks , love ya all!!!

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Social capital

  • less than 10