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figlenka16 in figlenka17

The Blinding Lights of Adolescence( drabble of one-shot)

The Blinding Lights of Adolescence| Rated | Romance/Angst/AU | Hyukjae/Donghae , one-sided!Kyuhyun/Donghae , Heechul/Donghae , in future!Kyuhyun/Sungmin


Summary:We're all prisoners of our desires.Be careful when you want something so bad and desperate...
Donghae is young artist ,exhausted by the loveless marrige and affair with the man, finds himself sharing an apartment with an old friend,Hyukjae and something more than just place to live...

A/N: Heechul and Donghae are artists, Kyuhyun and Hyukjae are models , Sungmin , who didn't make his appearence yet - is rock-star.LOL , this idea actually came in the form of nightmare O___O Excuse my luck of writing lately (Tumblr eats my brain literally ><) About my current chaptered fics - I'm working at them , I'll try to write more , but I can't promise everything!So , comments are always loved , they inspire me , I hope livejournal will not cut my entry T___T Inspired by listening Placebo songs , they're just inspiring me to write something sad,but beautiful...
Wedding bells ain't gonna chime
With both of us guilty of crime
And both of us sentenced to time
And now we're all alone

Protect me from what I want
Protect me from what I want
Protect me from what I want
Protect me protect me

(Placebo - Protect Me From What I Want)
Sometimes when Hyukjae grows more desperate,Donghae with deep sigh slowly undresses himself and lets other to explore his body.Hyukjae accepts this with unbearable hunger and artist almost cries from pleasure when his roommate bites on his neck,leaving purple bruised rose in exposed flesh.

Poison strands of Hyukjae's hair shines in the thick moonlight and Donghae with mewl clenches his fingers in the silk locks when Hyukjae start to fuck him:at first slowly,then with more steady,growing pace.

Hyukjae presses his palms to the pale thighs,squezzing it while other shuts his eyes and bites on his lower lip,sparkly tears stuck in the corner of his eyes and Hyukjae whispers sadly:"You're so beautiful".

Donghae shouts in agony when reaches his climax and covers their stomach with cum.

Hyukjae is close,he's panting heavily and Donghae's walls clenches around him,making him come inside other.

"Say that you're mine."model whispers and Donghae avoids his gaze.

"I can't.I can't be yours."artist says and hides under the blanket."Not now"

"Alright."Hyukjae says and weakly smiles,stumbling to his room in the trance,naked and beautiful,as he always been.

"I'm so sorry ,Hyukjae.So sorry."

Donghae first met Hyukjae at the official evening on the occasion of a future reunification of his family and the family Jessica Jung, arranged by his father.Hyukjae was 18,Donghae was just some months younger.

Donghae,like a young and respectful gentleman exchanged short words with guests and parents of his future fiance,then slowly walked through chatting crowd towards balcony to breath some fresh air.

The night was cold and street is dark,Donghae jumped in surprise when noticed that he wasn't alone.

Purple shadows danced in the stranger's face.

"Hi."Donghae politely says and waits for response.

Strange boy looks up,in his plump lips curls a shy smile.

"Hi."he replies and Donghae smiles back.

"My name is Lee Donghae.What's yours?"

"Lee Hyukjae.Pleasure to meet you."

And they exchanged polite handshakes and smiles,quite aware that this is not their last meeting.

The remaining time they talked a lot about their lives: Donghae learned that Hyukjae enjoys dancing and wants to become a role model , Hyukjae very surprised that Donghae wants to become an artist.The latter merely shrugged his shoulders and say that his one good friend - an artist and he wants to be like him.

Hyukjae takes a note that Donghae many times throws sad glances towards some thin and femine man,how he knows it was Kim Heechul,older brother of Jessica Jung,young,but promising artist,famous in the private area of admires and he wonders what kind of relationship they have.

Older male looks at Donghae too and Hyukjae becomes more curious,but then when he sees younger's random smiles,he forgets everything.Even that these smiles not for him.

Donghae listens to Hyukjae's dreams and feels slight disappointment because he can't be free in his thoughts and life's views,but gaves his new friend blinding smile,meaning nothing behind this.

"See you."

"Yeah."Donghae watches like Hyukjae disappears in the front gate with other guests in the past night and sighs,seeing like family of his future fiance is going to ride,his eyes instinctive stop in the view of young man with raven long hair.

Heechul catches his gaze and slowly smirks until their glassy limo isn't disappearing in the corner.

Somehow,Donghae believes that his loveless marriage with Jessica would be difficult.Quiet difficult.


The second time when Hyukjae and Donghae met was slightly unsuspected for the both of them.It was in the frat party in Hyukjae's college.Hyukjae saw Donghae in the presence of his roommate,rookie model in the fashion industry,Cho Kyuhyun,who successfully mixed his work as a model and study in the prestigious college.

He approached them slowly ,taking time to look properly at Donghae,it was two years since their last meeting and Hyukjae can't denied fact that he was interested in the younger.

He became more beautiful and stunning than before he was,but visible mark of deep angst made him more distant for Hyukjae's disappointment.He wondered what happened in those two years?

"Hi,Donghae-shii!"he says and reads slight annoyance on the Kyuhyun's face and innocent surprise on Donghae's.

"Hyukjae-shii!It was long time though!"Donghae replies and taps Hyukjae's shoulder friendly,and latter grins in the pleasant feeling of realization that he still remembers him.

"Yeah,it was a long time."Hyukjae answers and something inside him lives again.

Ermm , I don't know what is this and if I can handle to finish this...Anyway , please me with your lovely comments , don't make Tumblr overtake my mind(I think I'll stop writing because of this XDDD)


i'm so glad that they stil remember each other..after two years and meet again..
thank you dear!<333sorry for late reply , I'm rarely go to my page now -___-