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figlenka16 in figlenka17

Spaces in between earth and clouds,you and me(Kyumin/Hyukhae two-shot)

Spaces in between earth and clouds,you and me | PG-13 | Romance/Angst(but would be a happy ending)/Slice of Life/AU | Kyuhyun-centric,Kyuhyun/Sungmin(main) , Hyukjae/Donghae(main)

WC: 2437 ( it's like the longest thing I ever write ><)

Summary:The one step or even thought can change everything...
Kyuhyun, the young singer in the stage of his big fame , loses his ability to sing in the terrible car incident  , but his fellow lover , Sungmin always here for him.
Eunhyuk, doctor in the surgery hospital , became whom he is now because of his the most dear person in the life , Donghae. But he is not sure if he can help his lover.

 A/N:I don't know what to say more , but I truly enjoyed writing this(but internet connection totally sucks , so I posted this only now)Please , leave comments , it's like the push for my bitchy inspiration!*waiting for feedbacks and cookies*

Crash sound and his body thrown back like a rag toy.The pain gripped his chest, squeezing the last drops of oxygen and life.Kyuhyun with a force trying to discern what is going on around him, but his strength had left him and the world plunged into the pitch, engulfing darkness.

"Ah...This is like people die..."he thought,not finding the strength to resist what was not to pass.He will die.He was destined to die for his voice, which makes the melting cold hearts and take away the breath.He was ready or he thought so.Kyuhyun didn't feel sorry for himself,even familiar warm liquid running from the corneres of his blur eyes.
"Please,God!Don't let him die..."someone's pleading voice hears from background,as from the depths of the ocean or from a narrow closet,but Kyuhyun was already far away from here.

His eyes were still closed,heartbeat small and unnoticing for himself,breathtaking smoke around him.
"Open your eyes!..."

And Kyuhyun opens with the pain and see the crowd, and he above it.He stands, awkward high school student, his hands tightly holding a diploma and the school director shakes his hand and everyone smile, smile that Kyuhyun would like to shout and stop this hypocrisy.

 Then the scene changed dramatically and he was standing, leaning his lips to someone's lips , someone's arms tighten around his neck, and Kyuhyun in turn caress someone's waist through a wet, cold cloth.And rain,rain...

 Again, a change of scenery and a blinding spotlight hit him in the eye, deafening screams silenced his ears.He stands on stage and sing, a smile on his lips and supportive applause from the the hall.Everything is fine and he wants to stay here, but a beautiful picture torn in half, and Kyuhyun shouted, before his eyes, tear-stained face of another person, smaller him, but not weaker.

His lips are moving, his hands pulling his own dark hair in different directions, leg knocks everything in its path, and Kyuhyun just stands and tries to see his face.His view cleansed and he just want to scream, but his lips only flies only one quiet word: "Sungmin ..."

But other man could not hear him cry, and tired, leaves, trunk lags behind.Clap!And Kyuhyun falls to nowhere, the clouds behind him and land on him as if he were a bird, only in reverse.

"...Hello,my name is Sungmin,what's yours?"

"I like your voice!..."

"...Stay with me,tonight...Don't leave!"

"...I love you,Kyu...Do you love me?..."

"...I like to watch you dreaming..."

"I'm tired!...Your heart doesn't beat for me anymore!..."

"This is the end,Kyu...I'm not forgiving you,I'm just letting you go...So,go!"Kyuhyun hear snippets of phrases and he wants to cry painfully.
And he kept falling and falling, as though heaven is endless.He falls to the heaven and comes back.

Dark hallway in the hospital remains and quiet group of people gathered at the door of one house.It written on their faces a lot of emotions: sadness, grief, disappointment disappointment ...But they are silent, afraid to break the sepulchral emptiness.

 "Doctor , is he going to live? "asks an elderly man and squeezes in his arms a young girl crying in the fabric of his cloak.

"The hope for a chance to survive one of a hundred, he has broken ribs and they compress his lungs.I think that if he survives, he can no longer sing. "answers a young doctor with a calm composure, but it can be seen that the gloved hands were shaking slightly.

"Singing is a dream of my son from his early years!You have to do something!"

 "There is one operation, but it is quite risky.But I think that we have no other choice ... "doctor sighs and disappears after doors of operating.
And the silence comes again in the corridor, they can only wait...

"...The day after the complicated surgery, Cho Kyuhyun, a young singer from the popular idol group "Chicago's nights" remained alive but completely lost the ability to sing.But he is still does not know this, because Kyuhyun is unconscious..."Sungmin reads and compresses the edges of the newspaper, his back hits the cold wall of the hospital corridor.

"Sungmin..."someone calls him and brunette looks up.Before him stood the same doctor since last night.

"Eunhyuk...Thank you.For saving him"

"It's my job and my mission...I am required to save lives.But he is ... no longer be able to sing."doctor mutters,not looking at the direction of bitterly frowning Sungmin.

"I know that..."he mumbles and stares at the white wall.

"Is that so?Can I visit him?"Sungmin also adds,still focusing his gaze at the opposite wall.

"Sure...but he is still unconscious."Eunhyuk replies and opens the door to the white sun-lit room.

Sungmin nods,but for the second stops in his tracks and turns his gaze towards Eunhyuk.

"Eunhyuk...How is Donghae?I wasn't visited him for ages..."he hesitantly asks and young doctor weakly smiles in the response.

"He's fine."Eunhyuk says,but his voice is not cheerful for Sungmin's disappointment."I'm just going to inspect his morning's condition ... "he mutters and slowly go away.

Sungmin stares at his retreating back into a loss.

"Is everything really alright,Hyukjae?"he silently asks emptiness and pushes the door to the ward.

"I'm come in,Kyuhyun..."


Life - the most dear value for humans, Eunhyuk knew and it was the main reason of his decision to became a doctor.He just wanted to save lives and saved,but for now he isn't sure if he can can save the person who he loves the most.

Young doctor walks down the hallway toward the chamber number 69, and his soul tormented by doubts and moral pain.Is it all in vain and nothing can change it?

He knocks on the door and opens it: before his eyes a little, but rather a spacious house with light walls and translucent curtains.In a hospital bed sat a beautiful young man with a cream skin and chocolate curls.His large eyes were the color of Amber, looking out to a piece of azure sky and fluffy clouds in the window.

After hearing the incoming, he turned and on his thin lips blossomed smile of innocent beauty with which Eunhyuk's heart painfully sank.Trying to calm his heartbeat, the doctor smiles and sits next to the bed.

"You came!"chocolate haired man says and hugs Eunhyuk tightly,throwing his fragile pale hands around doctor's neck.

Eunhyuk wants to cry,but he must to be strong,for Donghae.They're strong if only they're together.

Eunhyuk breathes his sweet scent and caresses his lover's back,that causes another to melt in their embrace,exhale comfort and heat.

"Do you missed me,Hae?"

"Of course!You're the one thing in the whole world that I'd ever miss and would be missing,Hyukjae..."Donghae mutters in the response and kisses his lover's cheek lovingly.

They tear apart and stare at each other's eyes:Donghae's brown orbs lit with happiness and Eunhyuk's eyes can't hide his deep angst.And Donghae remains acknowledged and runs his fingers through Eunhyuk's dark and soft strands and young doctor closes his eyes in bliss:it was Donghae's famous secret medicine from Eunhyuk's sorrow.And it always helped them to holding on,even if Eunhyuk and Donghae knew painful truth.

"Hyukjae...I saw tonight a clouds and sky...And you know,I'm almost reach them,but something went wrong and I woke up...Do you know meaning behind that?"Donghae asks and takes Eunhyuk's head to his lap and continues their morning ritual.

"I don't know..."Eunhyuk lies and bites at his bottom lip to avoid upcoming tears.He know that more better than anyone else.

"It's okay,Hyukjae...Can you take me to the rooftop?My weak lungs need some fresh air by the way!"Donghae says and brushs his finger at the Eunhyuk's cheek,the most gorgeous smile curls in his pale,almost dry lips.

The doctor forces a weak smile,nods and stands up,reaching for the wheelchair,but Donghae stops him and holds Hyukjae's hand.

"I want you to hold me in your arms...Or I am that fat?"

Eunhyuk shakes his head and pets brunette's silky crown.

"You're like nothing in the weight,Hae.I can hold you for eternity..."Eunhyuk says half-bitterly and takes slim body sincerely in his arms,Donghae with faint laugh holds into Eunhyuk's shirt and his nose tickles crook of the other's neck.

And they make their way towards empty corridor that leading to the silent rooftop,where faint sunshine soaking in the icy,autumn air,wind knocks weak colorless and lost leaves to the stony ground.

"We are here,baby."Eunhyuk whispers and caresses his lover's back with smooth,careful strokes.

"Yeah...Can you hold me a little bit longer?"Donghae asks,voice is almost noiseless.

"Of course."

"Thank you.Love you."

"Love you too."

And they remain silent.Donghae watches like a clouds lazily drowning in the icy blue,Eunhyuk just admires his small lover from the half-closed eyelids,still his beauty makes him breathless as always.Nothing will spoil this glory,he swears.

Wind still knocks everything in his way and they will remain like this always,together.Together forever.

Sungmin walks inside the ward and tries to ignore like his breath stucked in the middle of the throat and heart stops it's racing in the painful pause.His body trembles,but still,he approaches the chair near to the Kyuhyun's hospital bed and makes himself more comfortable.

He glances towards covered with bondage body and pale face,those graceful hands with long fingers.Sungmin reaches out and brushes his palm lightly against smooth,cold skin and hides coming desperate tears down his eyes.He can't cry now.He never cried.No,he had before.When they tear apart and Sungmin left everything,moving to Japan.Just to forget.Even that he can't pretend anymore,that he and Kyuhyun were together some time ago.

He left Hyukjae and Donghae,he left mother and father,he left Sungjin,he left Kyuhyun and his growing fame behind just to ease the pain.But everything in vain and Sungmin can't leave Kyuhyun in the state like this.He must to stay and fix their mistakes,because he is still loves him,Sungmin never stopped loving him,even if Kyuhyun forget about him already.

Sungmin bites on his lower lip and kisses Kyuhyun's temple with all tenderness,that longing in him through all years.

"I came back,Kyu.Come back home too,okay?I'm here for you."Sungmin whispers and holds his hand,sucking in his shaky breath.

"I hate you!"Sungmin yelled and clenched his fists in the painful anger.He looked at the Kyuhyun's flashed face and exposing pale chest.Why he always doing this to him?Why he hurt him?Is Sungmin so bad for him?

He felt like a warm liquid running from his eyes and he wiped that away.He is strong enough.

"Kyuhyun,I tired of all of your lies...Did you ever loved me?"he whispered and looked in the dark window,than at the messed up ,still warm from making out session bed.Where the end of this eternal torture?He didn't know yet,but the answer was near it.

Kyuhyun took a deep breath and quietly said:"I still love you,Sungmin..."

"I don't believe you...Why I fell in love with such complete jerk?You don't deserve me...I deserve better.I'm good enough to be loved,you know and I'll be happy...without you."Sungmin said straight to Kyuhyun's face and felt like a heavy stone fall into nothing.He felt pain,but feeling of being free make him so much better.Sungmin was always senseless,obeying puppet in Kyuhyun's arms,but he must broke up all chains with him.He want a revenge.

Kyuhyun tried to reach for him,but Sungmin avoided him.He is not his toy anymore.

"Y-you must be kidding ,right?Right?"Kyuhyun said and tried to stood up.His eyes running through Sungmin's skin,piercing his whole body.

"I'm not kidding,Kyuhyun.You're deserve this.I can't take it anymore.All your cheats,all your lies...I can't wait for your changing forever,I have my own life and I don't want to waste it in the sleepless nights and wondering which ass you will screw up in the next time...So goodbye..."Sungmin said in icy voice and walked through the glassy doors.He almost heard like Kyuhyun's body crashed in the door behind him.

Sungmin turned to his direction,his eyes was dark.

The shadows covered Kyuhyun's body.

Crash.The glass fall into crystal pieces.

"Kyuhyun,stop playing abandoning child and finish crash our apartment."Sungmin said and started reorganize his things in the bag.

"Sungmin,don't be so fucking cold Princess,you can't let me go!"Kyuhyun said and approached him through the hole that he caused.

"I can.And you'll see."he said with the fake strength,but his rosy lips trembled,when he tried to speak calmly.

Another crash.It was a bottle in the inches from Sungmin.He looked in the pieces in the floor,crimson liquid started flowing in the plush carpet,like a lake of blood.

"Are you trying to hurt me?I think,you do this enough."

Kyuhyun opens his eyes in horror and he still falling,strangely familiar liquid runs down his cheeks.Blind light soaking him through,but he ignores it and closes his eyes.He need to forget,but he can't,even after everything that happened to him.

Kyuhyun loves Sungmin,and it so hurts that he didn't get the chance to saw him for the last time,he has so many to say.But it's too late.So fucking late.

"I miss you,Sungmin.I'm so sorry ..."he whispers to the anyone and falls into the blue-purple never-ending sky.


Omoooooo.... This angst fic....
Soooo sad.... >.<
hope hae can be cure and kyu can be sing again...
Cant wait for next!!!!
awww thank you<33333