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figlenka16 in figlenka17

Shikuramen(Cyclamen)(Kyumin smut one-shot for the Keji!verse)

Shikuramen | R | Smut/Angst/AU!brothel/Dystopia | Kyuhyun/Sungmin , hinted!Zhou Mi/Sungmin , cameos of the other characters of  the verse |

Warnings:graphic sex , blow job , psycho character and etc. , if you like only fluffy and sugar Kyumin, I don't advise you to read this!I warned you.

Summary:On the streets of postmodern Seoul remained not a single sign of beauty and nature and the city is gradually dying.But there still left a haven of beauty - Flower cage, the best brothel with the most beautiful young men of the whole Korea...
Where Kyuhyun is a little psycho killer and Sungmin is flawless whore with some strange benefits....

A/N : This is early belated birthday present to the spring_lunatic Happy early birthday!<3 Also it dedicated to the underaged corrupted mind of fumikux3 .I know you'll like this dirty thing!Also special spots for the marie_gable mt_cute starbursts132 kuma_ri and flying13bear!Comments are always loved , even if I receive not so many while I writing for almost 6 months!Please , show me your love or it would be the last Kyumin fic I ever write( I still need to write Hyukhae for my other readers,who shows more affection!)I spent almost ten hours writing this(because I write the longest part and it disappeared,and I again re-write this fic -___-)

Kyuhyun was fortunate child, a favorite of families and an excellent student in school.Excellent behavior, winnings at the math competitions and praise and pride from teachers: he had everything. But he also had a small, relatively harmless passion for the computer games.But it turned out that one innocent hobby can change everything ...He was not even a seventeen years old when he killed his half-sister by hitting her with brick in the head, which he found on the street, for what she interfered with him to pass 13 level in Starcraft.Kyuhyun still remember how shaking his hands and with what horror their parents looked on lifeless corpse, buried in a puddle of maroon blood.

Less than a month after the investigation, as Kyuhyun declared insane and sent to the 'medical treatment' in a suburban psychiatric hospital.But still, the boy considered himself as a normal, even despite the fact that every night his sister came to him and washed his brain about his game addiction.He just shrugged that off and his seventeenth birthday he spent in environment of crazy and soft walls without windows.His parents hadn't visited him and he had almost forgotten about their existence, even if he waited for their birthday presents.

Again, one day he was visited by strange people, and immediately after the sudden visit , Kyuhyun recognized perfectly sane and he was immediately sent for training at a secret organization, codenamed 'SM', which he had heard of when he was in high school.It was said that 'SM' engaged 'selection of personnel' in the largest companies in the years after a nuclear war between North and South Korea, which almost caused the end of the world, but the world survived, though most of the wildlife has suffered, leaving humanity without natural resources, thereby spodvignuv new technological revolution.

His bosses not particularly spread about the real causes of such violent activities of the organization, and Kyuhyun was careful not to go and mind their own business, so just doing his job quietly, under cover of course.In his spare time he worked part time manager at the store computer parts, and often indulged in hacking, devastating accounts of the largest banks.Now, he's got almost everything but no sex life,and that's why his co-worker,immigrant from  criminal China,Zhou Mi drags him towards some brothel.

"Damn it,you're sugar-brained,queer idiot!What the fuck we're doing outside the male whore brothel?!!!Answer to me,you're fan of gay fashion!"Kyuhyun starts freaking out,even that his little junior is aching in his suddenly tight,black leather pants.

Zhou Mi makes innocently scandalized face expression and convinces him that it's not simple brothel with the male whores.

"It's special place,Kui Xian!Here all the most beautiful male whores from the whole Korea!Some of them even prettier than women!Let's go,my friend,I'll show you my 'favorite'!"

Kyuhyun only sends him a burning death glare that can kill some rainbow unicorn in the one place,but still follows his over excited co-worker.

They come in a huge building and frowning Security passed them along, because seems to be that Zhou Mi was indeed a frequent visitor to this blessed place.They were in a huge hall filled with flowers that Kyuhyun seen only in illustrated books in early childhood and the sweet narcotic smoke.

Zhou Mi smiles and leads Kyuhyun through pretty and flawless male whores in the colorful clothing and wealthy clients,that surrounded them like bees over flowers.

And Kyuhyun finds himself staring at the various directions just to examine dark beauty of pretty whores.

"And where's yours 'favorite'?"Kyuhyun asks arrogantly and almost bumps into the back of China man.

"Here he is....My pretty Shikuramen..."Zhou Mi sings and gestures towards the so-called pedestal, like a large cage, but without the grating.
And Kyuhyun opens his mouth in the amazement,not afraid to hit his jaw to the floor.

In the so-called pedestal sat a young man with a good physique, which emphasized perfect silk kimono with lilies and a leather black corset with straps and chains.

Black hair framed a pale, baby-like face with perfect cheekbones.Flawless,foxy eyes glimmed in the semi-dark like two black diamonds and the smokey eyeliner completed his hot look.In between the petals of rosy lips stucked a long cigarette with sweet, pink smoke.

When pretty male catches two men staring at him,Shikuramen immediately jumps from his nest to the welcoming arms of the smiling and shining China man.His long eyelashes flutter when Zhou Mi catches him and he wraps his pale hands with long,beautiful fingers around China man's neck and laughs so playfully and sweet,that Kyuhyun wants to throw up and jizz in his pants at the same time.

"Mimi!"flawless brunette beams and with one movement captures his lips with another in the sloppy,wet kiss and Zhou Mi laughs in between kiss and swirls in his tracks,like shorter man is nothing.

And Kyuhyun just stands here and watches their movements with slight envy and tingling sense in his aching arousal,when whore's kimono accidentally pulls up ,revealing smooth,creamy thighs.

"Will you have a 'fun' tonight,Mimi?"pretty male asks and allows to put himself on the floor gently.

"In the other time,Shikuramen!I brought my friend from the work here tonight!"Zhou Mi hastily explains and points towards awkwardly standing Kyuhyun.

Shikuramen immediately turns his head towards other guy and naughty smirk curls in his kissable pouty lips.Kyuhyun swallows hard lump in his throat and can't tear his gaze away from such fuckable creation.

"You have really handsome friends,Mimi...Never seen such guys before ..."Shikuramen smiles and cigarette again in the middle of his lips,arms crossed on his bare chest.

"His name is Kui Xian."

"Actually,in the Korean,Kyuhyun."Kyuhyun corrects coldly,trying to ignore blush creeping down his cheeks.He might be a pro in the killing and guns,but never-in the sexual relationships.

"So,nice to meet you then,Kyuhyun..."Shikuramen whispers and his breath brushes against Kyuhyun's sensitive ear shelf,gentle hands slightly caresses clothed shoulders,sending Kyuhyun vibes of blissful electricity.He is normal,he thinks,but this little pretty whore drives him insane.

"Nice to meet you,too...Shikuramen."Kyuhyun answeres calmly and coldly as much as possible.

"So,I'll run and come to greet Waru and Bara,they're probably start their play with Shiwon and Yuhno!Have a good time,Kui Xian!~"Zhou Mi sings and flies away towards direction of the long velvet sofa with four people seating on it:two beautiful whores in the bright kimonos and two wealthy clients who seem to be a very familiar to Kyuhyun.Shiwon and Yuhno...Choi Shiwon and Jung Yuhno,the son of the head of the Choi Corporation and nephew of the vice-president of the Jung Inc!

Those two are attached to the two of the most powerful corporations of the modern high-technology world.

Kyuhyun almost forgot about the Shikuramen,who stood in front of him and impatiently waited for the other to comeback to the Earth.

"Hey,Kyuhyun-shii,you seem to daze off...Is something wrong?"Kyuhyun blinkes and looks like Shikuramen touches his hands and back side,his naughty fingers even find themselves in the waistband of Kyuhyun's leather pants.And he did it with such an innocent face that young killer felt uneasy.

"Into the room.Fast."Kyuhyun commands and Shikuramen with smile on his lips,pulls him to the dark corridor with the wooden doors.It was pretty quiet for a brothel or simply there was a special soundproofing.

"We can fuck loud and make a lot of noise,Kyuhyun-shii..."Sungmin whispers and gestures Kyuhyun to come into the sensual dimness of the room.

The guy nods and follows the whore,still staring at the swaying hips of the other and delicious bare pieces of the creamy skin.


"Mngh..."the whore shamelessly moans and sucks at the other tongue,wiping all taste of drinking plum wine and pushes his client into the smoothness of the silky sheets,his long fingers in the brown locks of other,pulling him closer for the deeper kiss.

Kyuhyun enjoys the moment and with one movement,pulls the whore to his lap and tearing up his black stockings in the fire of the passion and drunk desire.

For the minutes they are kissing and sucking,Shikuramen's tongue finds his way on the Kyuhyun's neck and wet track trailing down smooth skin.

Kyuhyun panting very heavily and in the between kisses,with force says:"Zhou Mi told me before that you have the most marvelous hands and tongue....And you know,I want a respectful proof for this..."and he gestures down to the growing arousal in the tight leather pants.

"Hmm?Proof?Is really Zhou Mi right??"the whore asks in the teasing tone and lowers himself on the next level with the knees of Kyuhyun and with the clear amusement caresses visible bulge with careful,but skillful strokes.

Kyuhyun bites on his lower lip,when Shikuramen starts undo his zipper and pulls his throbbing erection,kissing his tip teasingly,plump lips brushing against the warm precum,sending to the other sweet shivers under his spine.

"Damn it!Stop teasing..."young killer mutters and grips other's hair,suggesting him to take him by this wet,swallowing warmth.

"Okay..."and Kyuhyun groans and pants,when Shikuramen takes him almost full in his mouth,circling his long tongue over pulsing erection.

Kyuhyun melts in the silky sheets and the whore,still with the cock in his mouth,pulls his pants together with the boxers and throws them somewhere in the carpet.

After the final strokes of wet tongue,Kyuhyun cums into the whore's welcoming month,which pleasantly swallows all to the last drop of milky liquid.

"It's not the end,Young master.Most real fun is just beginning ..."brunette whispers and Kyuhyun feels like his leather shirt tearing up in the two,leaving him naked.

"You're not naked yet..."Kyuhyun responds and trying to ignore naughty foxy-like eyes.

"It's not that big deal,Kyuhyun-shii...Do you want me to strip for you?"

Kyuhyun nods and with lustful eyes follows like leather corset disappears somewhere in the edge of bed,and then silky fabric of whore's kimono slowly and playfully slides from his delicious features and only know Kyuhyun noticed that there is no underwear and it was evident that, Shikuramen was already hard from their 'fun'.

"I thought,that whores are slowly turning on...But you're already hard,Shikuramen."Kyuhyun points out and locks his dark with other.

"It's happens when I have especially handsome and young customers like you,Kyuhyun-shii..."brunette answers and crawls to the other guy.

When their erections almost brushes against each other,Shikuramen hotly asks:"Do you want to take me rаw or with the lubricant?"

"...Raw."Kyuhyun finally says and with slight blush watches like slut starts stretching himself with painful facial expression.

"Hngh!..."he cries in the pleasure,when Kyuhyun like in the daze wraps his palm against his erection and strokes it.

"Why?You don't need...to pleasure me,Kyuhyun-shii!..."Shikuramen heavily breathes and his long fingers curls in his entrance.

"I want you to feel pleasure too..."Kyuhyun whispers,almost regretting his ridiculous words,but dark haired man just smiles and kisses him without tongue,just like a light peck in the lips and Kyuhyun swears that his heart starts beating a little faster,when Shikuramen with one fast movement plunges Kyuhyun's shaft into his welcoming entrance.

They cries with the pleasure almost synchronously,dimness of the room filling with the slapping sound of flesh against flesh and after session of fast bumping and thrusting session,Kyuhyun cums again into the abusing walls of the slut and Shikuramen follows him,milking their stomachs.

"It was fun...Thank you..."Shikuramen mumbles and lays in the Kyuhyun's sweaty chest and closes his eyes tiredly,long eyelashes curtains his dark orbs.

Kyuhyun finds himself smiling and drifts into the sleep,wrapping his hands around curve of the Shikuramen's ass.And he was sure,it would be definitely not his last visit to this brothel...

Hiding from the shame in the dark room!I hope you'll like this shameless porn from me and it's a Kyumin this time not Hyukhae LOL<333 Waiting for the cookies,feedbacks and lovely comments!To know more about this verse go here <3


Keke~Thank you as always LOL , smut is like the one thing at which I good at XDDDDD