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figlenka16 in figlenka17

Crossroads(Kyumin one-shot)

 Crossroads | PG-13 | Romance/slight!Angst/AU!City  | Kyuhyun/Sungmin , Siwon/Sungmin , past!Kyuhyun/Seohyun , Hyukjae/Donghae , Heechul

Summary:Whole life we wander on different roads, and there is only a single chance run at a crossroads ...They met in those place,but always passed away from each other.But one lost cellphone can bring them together...or not?

A/N:It's been awhile since I wrote Kyumin LOL)))And seriously,I like this piece!!!Also this is a late birthday presents for two my babies eliluvzeu and mt_cute *bow*

Also special thanks to fumikux3 who washed my brains and helped me to light up my mood!

~All this time 
We were waiting for each other 
All this time 
I was waiting for you
We got all these words 
can't waste them on another
So I'm straight in a straight line 
running back to you...~

All this time by OneRepublic(such a beautiful song!MUST LISTEN!)

~Prelude 00.~
Sungmin opens window in his light room and breathes a fresh wind,clouds of oxygen fill his little lungs and he feels that the day would be good for sure.Lively and yet noisy is Seoul down his apartment,spring is everywhere,sky is azure and asphalt is wet and smelly from the night rain.Sungmin lets out a deep sigh of joy,his eyes falls to the clock in the wall and with shouts starts running around apartment in the rush,knocking all things in his way.
Kyuhyun falls from his bed and gazes towards little window with dark curtains and messy table with paintings of Seoul,this big city where he isn't belong,yet...Yet,and his heavy from lack of sleep crashes to the fluffy pillow again,too lazy to wake-up.His pale face frowns,chestnut hair in the mess and long body covered with thin and cold blanket.

"Bzzzzzzzz!!!~"annoying noise heard behind his ear and he glances at his cellphone sleepily.

"Shit!!!"he curses and falls to the cold floor in the butt.In the process of rubbing injured place,guy stumbles in his feet,crashing dirty cup in the little pieces in the red carpet.

~Prelude 01.~

Sungmin almost jumps to the street,fresh and yet in the mess,earphones around his neck,dark hair dancing in the spring wind and smile curls in his lips even if he will get late to his work.But scenery around his eyes so beautiful,that he wants to capture this in his mind permanently,like painting in the clear canvas.Sungmin running and running,houses and malls are awaken now and birds are singing some mystery,but yet stunning melody.

"Hey!"someone calls him,but Sungmin isn't turns around and keeps running to his bus station,afraid to miss his cab.

"I'm in the rush,sorry!"he shouts back,hand grips his shoulder and expensive fragrance hits his nostrils.

"Hey,do you believe in the sex in the first sight?"handsome,smiling and tall Chinese man runs behind him and Sungmin laughs, shaking his hands.

"I'm in the rush,sorry!"he repeats and leaves stranger in the behind.

"I'm Zhou Mi,by the way!"Chinese man shouts,but the short man is already in the middle of people's crowd.


Kyuhyun runs down the street,his old backpack bumps to his spine and brown hair shines in the morning sun,leaving gold spots of light in the chocolate strands .His expression is blank and exciment hides only inside.Kyuhyun is going to fulfil his dream,but something is wrong and he can't celebrate his win in the Artist's contest.

When he passes by nearby expensive hotel,he almost bumps into the tall,brown-haired girl in the big,dark sunglasses.His eyes widens and realization hits his brain painfully,and he runs,runs,just not to see her face again.

"Kyuhyun!"she shouts and desperately stares at his gray back.Then gives in and approaches the guy in the motorcycle and sits behind him,hands wrapping around his waist.

"Seohyun,who it was?"

"I'm just mistake him ,Younghwa.For the other person that I've known..."she replies and motorcycle starts.

~Prelude 02.~

Sungmin stands in the beginning of the crossroad and waits until green light turns on,fingers impatiently drumming against fabric of his bag.

Damn it,damn it,Heechul will kill me for sure,he thinks and his dark gaze wanders around crowd of people in the opposite side of the street.And his attention catches a young man in the gray coat and in the sky blue boots.

Sungmin cocks an eyebrow and immediately blushes when the stranger looks up and their gazes meet each other like two chasing cars in the race.

Green light,and Sungmin running in the road,pushing away the urge to look back to the figure with chestnut hair.And he almost forgets about him,when his bus arrives and he jumps into the crowded cab with the thought that he always wanted to meet a some precious person,who he never saw in his life.
Kyuhyun patiently waits until he can pass the crossroad,colorful cars running in his view and he almost recognize a very bright person in the crowd in the opposite side of street,dark locks almost covers his face and silver-colored earphones hung around his neck.

When their eyes meet,the stranger looks away and green light lits and they pass each other,shoulders almost brush against another and Kyuhyun nearly stops in his tracks in the daze,strange feeling kicks him and signales to him like he forgot or missed something important.He awkwardly frowns and continues his path through faceless crowd,but something is really changes and Kyuhyun even during running to the University's building,takes picture of spring clouds by his cellphone.For memories.

~Prelude 03.~

Sungmin swirls in his chair in the waiting for the start of the broadcasting and silently laughs at the cursing Eunhyuk beside him,already recovered from Heechul's scolding morning rituals.

"Oh,this little bitch!"his best friend and co-worker mumbles loudly and closes his cellphone with the noise.

Sungmin giggles and says with the mocking expression:"Donghae?"

"How did you?..."Eunhyuk asks and frowns.

"How I guessed this?Damn it,it's obvious,dude!Who else can piss you off so much?"

"Fuck,you're right!This midget have too much free time..."red head mutters and glares at his cellphone.

"He rides you insane,am I right?So post his nude photos in the shower,maybe he will stop bully your image!"

"Good idea,dude!I have this kind of 'collection'...What's with Siwon,are you ready to live with him in the one apartment?"

"I?Yeah..."Sungmin replies with the bit of unnoticing hesitation in his voice.

"15 seconds before the radio air,bitches!"Heechul shouts from his office and the pair remains silent.

Sungmin's breath hitches, he wears headphones and clears his throat.The daily broadcasting is starts.

"Hi,do you waited for me,listeners?So,I came!"
Kyuhyun walks from the office with the envelope in his hand and hears the radio, coming from someone's window.

"This is the Seoul Radio!Spring is already came,people!Time for the falling in love and transmission of the paper boats are not far off!What do we do with the weather, Eunhyuk-shii?"the first voice starts speaking and Kyuhyun in the daze walks down the street,radio still ringing in his ears like alarm.

"Hmm...It would be raining, but still sunny!And don't forget the umbrellas and raincoats!"

"Hmm...Right!Oh,we have a message,it's for you ,Eunhyuk-shii!Can I read it for our dear listeners?They want to know it too!"Kyuhyun smiles and he clearly feels sparkles of the amusement in the MC's voice.

"Eh...Sure.Go ahead!"

"So,this is from the listener under the nickname 'Anchovy's fish'.He writes:"Hello,amazing MC of my favorite Seoul Radio!I need an answer to my question!Did you ever felt an unbearable sense of the shame?"Hmm...What I can say?Nope,except Eunhyuk-shii right now of course!"

"Ermm...Music pause!Song is "Believe" by the boy-band Super Junior!Enjoy!"Kyuhyun's smirk becomes more wider and he walks more calmer,forgetting to avoid lakes of rainy water,that earlier seem to be so disgusting.

~Prelude 04.~

The long broadcasting is ended and Sungmin after saying last goodbyes to his fellow co-workers goes to the semi-dark street,decorated with red bits of sunset.

He smiles to the scenery and dresses transparent raincoat over a black shirt and denim shorts to the knee.Starts to rain and he stops in his tracks and tilts his head towards gray-blue sky,raindrops stuck in his long eyelashes and pouty lips and guy widenes his hands towards waterfall unlike people who rush to cover themselves under umbrellas.

Suddenly light,smelling like a fresh grass and watercolor wind brushes against skin of his neck and face.He turnes his head towards the source of oxygen and sees the back in the sky blue shirt and cloud of chestnut curly from water hair.The person walks freely,without any umbrella and hesitation.

Sungmin smiles and swirls in his place.

"I love rain!~"he sings and runs to meet Siwon.


Kyuhyun walks in the alley and sky above him gets more darker and heavier.He passes a flower store and sees a man in the expensive suit,who chooses flowers in the bouquet with polite smile.

Kyuhyun rolls his eyes in the boredom and continue his walking,with hands stuffed in the pockets of his skinny jeans.Some times ago he was a romantic fool too , but now he can't see pretty things in the daily routine anymore.And otherwise,he haven't a person by his sight for whom he can buy bouquets of fragile flowers.

Suddenly in his vision appears a tiny figure in thetransparent, almost ridiculous, and children's raincoat and Kyuhyun smiles to himself and silent laugh escapes his mouth,even that his clothing is soaking wet.The first time of his depression,Cho Kyuhyun,person,who dreams only in his sleep smiled to the annoying rain.

~End of Prelude~To be Continued...Maybe.

I don't what to say when I'm the edge of the sleeping!!!I hope, people for whom I write this will like it!Comments are loved,SILENT READERS-OUT!


wow the song is really an awesome song!!<3 good choice for the story honey xD!!

sungmin happy as always x3!!
and kyu xD Omo only reading how he wakes up makes me laugh xDD how can someone fall so many times from the bed xD?


seohyun was his ex,right ;~; dislike xDDD

yay kyumin kind of meeeeet xDDD and they noticed each other!!!!<3333 souw love<3

I don´t really understand the thing between siwon and sungmin xDDD I will for sure know it later 8D

oh kyu soon you will buy a bouquet for SUNGMIN XDD!!!!!!<33333

please uplaod as soon as you can :D!!!

and hey, it´s nothing big that I helped you to lighten up your mood!!yjust remember everything I said oki? don´t wanna see you like this ever again!!<3