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figlenka16 in figlenka17

Feel it in my bones(Sequel to 'S&M(Pretty when you cry)' )(One-shot)

 Feel it in my bones | NC-17 | Romance/Smut/Drama(a little)/Comedy | Hyukjae/Donghae , hint!Kibum/Donghae(just to piss Hyukjae off LOL) , Leeteuk/Heecchul , Kyuhyun/Sungmin | Warning:porn , swearing , mentions of sex life of Teukchul

Summary:University goes to the sea trip , what can be better?But Hyukjae pissed and Donghae tried to understand their current relationship.

A/N:Ermm...Okay.Here I am.I promised to post it earlier , but I was busy as hell , sorry if I lost to fix some mistakes , be dare to point me at them , okay?I enjoyed writing this really(because I love writing porn * A *) and I tried to develop their relationship(aside of sex , of course)So enjoy this as I am, hope my writing skills improved a lot,LOL. HERE the link to the 'S&M(Pretty when you cry)'

The sea breeze rustles outside a hotel room, somewhere far away screaming gulls.Donghae sighs and rolls in his stomach just to face his roommate,who was concentrated on the laptop on his knees.Donghae examined him from far and many questions swirled in his head.

"Who I am to Hyukjae now?Yeah,we sleep together and he even said before that he likes me...But really,in which relationship we are now?Friends?Roommates?Or...Lovers?"he asked himself,but the answer to it was nowhere near...

They had lust,chemistry,they were perfect partners in the bed and Hyukjae was his first man,he comforted him after break up with Kibum,Hyukjae is hot and breathtaking...But,Donghae thought,that he didn't suit Hyukjae well as he wanted so.

Red head still received many confessions from crowds of girls and if talk honestly,this pissed Donghae off  a lot.

Suddenly he heard a knock in their hotel room and hastened to open it.

"Who it is?Oh...It's you."Donghae muttered bitterly to the black haired guy in the doorway.His heart clenched in his chest painfully in the sight of Kibum,who stood in front of him awkwardly.

Hyukjae lifted his head in alarm and stood up from bed,approaching Donghae and squeezing his waist protective.

"What he is doing here?"red head asked and glared at the brunette.

"At first,hello.And in the second,I want to talk with Donghae,not with you,Hyukjae-Shii."Kibum answered calmly and turned ,smiling to the froze in the place guy.

Hyukjae frowned and his hold into Donghae's slim waist tighten,Donghae can clearly feel the heat through his t-shirt's fabric and it calms him,that he took Hyukjae's hand in his.

"What are you came for,Kibum...Kibum-shii?"Donghae hesitantly asks,literally sinking in the floor under the glares between Kibum and Hyukjae.

Donghae's ex-lover flashes him a blindly white smile and says,ignoring silent cursing,coming from annoyed red head:"I came here because I want to invite you to the party in the campus,which would hold Yoona and Tiffany...Want to come,Donghae?It would be fun,I swear!Your friends,Kyuhyun and Sungmin are coming too!"

Donghae hesitantly looks at the frowning face of his roommate,sighs and answers with the polite smile:"Yeah,sure thing,Kibum-shii...But I'll come with Hyukjae,he is friend of mine,you know that.So,if he'll come ,I would be there!"

Strangely ,Hyukjae doesn't smile and drops his hand from Donghae's waist.Before Kibum can say a single word in the protest,red head with bitterness in the voice mutters:"I'll come with him."And slams the door literally in the Kibum's face.

Donghae blinks a second ,then burst into the unstoppable giggles at the red head's angry acts,but Hyukjae didn't share his amusement,his expression is slightly sad and silent,then he turns and musculine,toned back in the black wife beater faces him.

Donghae's smile immediately disappears and he walks closer to his roommate.His hands wraps around Hyukjae's waist,nose brushes against his back.

"What's wrong,Hyukkie?"Donghae softly asks and pecks other's spine through thin fabric.

At the moment Hyukjae remains silent,his hands helplessly dropped,then Donghae hears a deep sigh and red head finally speaks.

"Donghae,do you remember our first night?"Hyukjae asks,voice is cold,but brunette literally can feel a hurt tone in this.

Donghae frowns and holds Hyukjae tighter.

"Yeah...I remember.I was crying because of Kibum.And...You did that to me...You know what I mean."Donghae whispers against Hyukjae's ear and the latter shivers from the sensation of the hot breath in the sensitive skin.

"Alright.Then,do you remember what we said to each other during our...love-making?"Hyukjae asks again,his voice's tone changing.

Donghae smiles and blush blooms in his cheeks.

"Yeah...You confessed your feelings to me...And I did the same."

Hyukjae stiffen in his arms,the body is tense,fists clenched.

"But for the fuck's sake you told everyone that we're only freaking friends?!!!"Hyukjae swirls around and Donghae squeals in the suprise,when his roommate takes firmly his face in his palms and locks his gaze with him.

Donghae feels like his heart drops to his stomach because now,Hyukjae's gestures,voice,expressions,touches are the same like in that fateful night...

Words stuck in his tongue and he can't audit any single sound.

"Ehh?!"Donghae asks helplessly,because,he really,really can't stand Hyukjae in this type of condition.He literally can feel like his dark and sexy aura swallows him the whole,even their mind-blown make-out sessions not that hot.

"We said such wealthy words to each others,we sleep together,damn it!!!And You fucking dare to call our relationship 'just damned friends?!!!!"Hyukjae hisses and presses trembling brunette to the wall,his hands still holds other's cheeks.

Donghae gulps,he can't tear the gaze from dark eyes of other,his plump lips just in the inches away from his.

"But you never asked me out..."Donghae silently whispers,his head drops down but Hyukjae hastily lifts his chin and kisses him hard,his wet tongue wanders in between Donghae's pink lips,roughly asking for entrance.

Donghae widenes his eyes and his mouth opens,Hyukjae takes this as advantage and explores his sweet cavern.

"Mn..Hyuk..Mnfgh?!"the only sounds that brunette can audit,red head's fingers tugs in the dark hair to pull him closer for more deep kiss,Donghae's hands finds their way on the Hyukjae's warm back.

In the the overtaken passion,Donghae grabs other's ass and their groins meet each other,sending the waves of electricity through their bodies.

Hyukjae groans and breaks their kiss,palm wipes a drop of saliva,then he turns away,ready to leave Donghae in the desperate state.

"So,friends doing such things,huh?I'm leaving!!!Will see ya at the party!!!"he shouts and slams the door and Donghae clearly can hear a noise of falling things in the corridor and loud cursing.

The brunette sits in the floor,knees pressed against his chest,hands over his legs.His breath becomes very heavy and soon his vision is blury with cold tears.

He sees Hyukjae only at night,in campus's party.

Donghae's face expression is blank,fingers drums impatiently walls of glass,which he held in his hand,orange liquid shines in the darkness of big room.He seated in the bar behind his friends,Kyuhyun and Sungmin,who obviously flirted with each other.Donghae can bet after one or two hours of eye-eating and watery glances,they will find their tongues in each other's throats.

The brunette sighs and turns his gaze to the so-called dancefloor,eyes wandering in search of familiarize tall figure with crimson,wavy hair,but instead of finding Hyukjae,Donghae catches Kibum staring at him from the opposite bar,he looked as good as Hyukjae.

And suddenly disgusting evil idea clicks in the Donghae head,but it worth trying,really.

Donghae stands up and cheerfully waves to his ex-lover,his delicious,pale stomach shows up from dark t-shirt,that he wore for this night.

He gestures to curious Kyuhyun and Sungmin for his departure from the bar and makes his way to the opposite bar through crowd of grinding against each other students.

He tried his best for his looking(just to piss Hyukjae off though):he wore tight,skinny jeans with the holes in the right places(Hyukjae's favorite) and v-neck t-shirt,which showed his perfectly sculptured chest and collarbones.(Hyukjae likes that too)

But despite that all look was only to catch Hyukjae's attention,it's affected in the Kibum too.

Donghae approached him slowly,scanning the crowd of dancing and drunk people at the same time.

Suddenly someone grabs his hands and Donghae finds out that one who catched him is Kim Heechul,one of the University newspaper's stuff,one of his closest friends.Donghae can see a fire in the older's dark eyes.

"What the fuck you are doing,Lee Donghae?!!"

"Eh?At first a hello,hyung...And at the second,I have fun what else?"Donghae says bitterly,trying to escape from raven head's grip,but Heechul holds him tight and fiercely.

"Are you dumb?!!You want to cheat on Hyukjae?!!!"

"Eh?We have nothing to begin with and if I'll dance with the other guy,it'll not hurt his feelings,right?And stop,hyung...You know?"

Heechul sighs helplessly and smacks his forehead.

"I can see what is going on between you two with the close eyes,Donghae.Just don't play innocent,okay?Leeteuk knows too.It was clearly obvious when today Hyukjae stormed in our room,when we were busy with the newspaper articles and almost ruined our love nest!"Heechul whines and with the dramatic expression looks at the dumbfounded younger man.

"Huh?Really?I'm very sorry for his behaviour and ruining your's honeymoon...But,seriously,hyung.Don't relate me with Hyukjae in that way.We're not like you and Teukie-hyung or like Sungmin and Kyuhyun...We're...different."Donghae says and feels like small smile curls in his lips in the thought of Hyukjae knocking things in the hotel room of their hyungs.And he clearly can imagine Leeteuk's scandalized look or Heechul,who throws using condoms in the red head's face with shouts 'get the fuck out here,don't ruin sex life of others'.

"Do you know how much he thinks about you?"Heechul stops his train of the thoughts with his deadly serious line,which nails Donghae to the floor.

"He never told me...since that."Donghae mutters and his chest aches.

"So I can tell you the truth,he is not playing around with you,at that time he is serious to your direction.I know Hyukjae as long as you and he never was so frustated of any girl in his life.I can be sure that he loves you."

Suddenly Donghae feels guilty for hurting Hyukjae's feelings,but he suffered too of their strange relationship.So he shows away all sympathy,and says:"Hyung,I know that.But I can't wait forever when he asks me out and I'll do what I want.Maybe it will clear his brain a little."

And he turns on his heels and leaves an unsatisfied Heechul alone.

The latter glares at his back and biting his nails,mutters:"In our times relationships were more easier..."and leaving as well in the direction of smiling blond man.

Donghae didn't quiet remember how he again appeared in the dancefloor,but at that time,definitely not alone.

He sways his hips in seductive beat that dancing behind him Kibum,awkwardly stumbles in his feet and his Adam's apple bobs up and down nervously.

Donghae smiles triumphantly taking a little revenge at his ex and makes more provocative moves,aware that maybe Hyukjae can catch him in that situation.

But being a little drunk and annoyed by the childish behaviour of his roommate,Donghae playfully places his right hand on the Kibum's bare shoulder and other in the back side of his own neck.

Kibum takes this gesture as signal and holds Donghae by the waist,gently rubbing his sides that the other instinctively cracks up and giggles like a high school girl,ignoring the surprised looks of Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

"I missed you."Kibum says against his ear,dangerously close and his hot,with tequila bitterness breath tickles his earlobe.

Donghae's mind stays blank and he flashes a stupid grin to the other without feeling something odd.

But Kibum takes this as an approval and tries to kiss him.But he never finished his move,because someone's strong hand knocks him in the floor and his jaw hurts as hell.

Donghae looks at him dumbfounded and tries to make out a current situation as his legs no more in the floor and someone's strong arms lift him up and the brunette can clearly see a holes in the ceiling and the flame of red hair.

And then realization hits him like a brick.

"Hyukjae?!!!Damn it!!!!Put me down,you freaking bastard!!!"the guy shouts in the desperation and tries to slid down from Hyukjae's shoulder,drumming his back with clenched fists.

"Stop yelling like Heechul-hyung in his mad state!"

"Everyone is looking!!!What they'll think?!!!"

"Like I fucking care?!!!I put you where you are belonged to and I plans to cool you up a little,my stubborn girlfriend!!!"Hyukjae yells back and slaps Donghae butt.

The brunette blushes as hell and tries to kick Hyukjae's cocky face with his feet,but wily bastard carefully avoids his desperate attacks.

Then Donghae finally gives in and lets other to keeps him.

"Where are we going?"

"To the pool.We're already here."Hyukjae simply says and in the following second Donghae feels like they are not longer in the pool's floor,but in the cold water,soaking through.

They stay quiet for a moment and Donghae finally breaks a pregnant silence ,slowly melting in the embrace of the other:"What the fuck we are doing here?"

"Cooling up."Hyukjae answers and with one stroke of his hand in the brunette's back,takes Donghae's breath away.Like he always do.Donghae feels like he is close to burst in the tears again and hides his face in the crock of neck of Hyukjae,which smells like him.

Hyukjae laughs and starts swaying themselves in the water like in the some freaking waltz or mating dance.

Donghae wraps his hands over Hyukjae's neck,his legs-in the waist of other and through the wet fabric of Hyukjae's jeans,he can feel a pleasant vibrating heat from the red head's hardness.

Donghae realizes a satisfied mewl and with low,husky voice whispers:"Hyukkie,you're already hard,don't you?"and circles his tongue over Hyukjae's ear shell and bites on the sensitive spot.

Hyukjae groans and rolls their hips together,making Donghae moan of the pleasant sensation and never takes a break,in the other second brings brunette into the wet,but yet sweet kiss,smashing his back against cold wall of pool.

Hyukjae lifts him up and places him in the floor and positions himself in between Donghae's thighs,his tongue and delicious lips exploring every piece of skin on the Donghae's neck and chest.

"Hnghh...Hyukjae!!"Donghae heavily breaths and pulls red head's closer,lifts his chin and kisses him again,fingers grips wet locks in exciment.

And then they pull away and look at each other's eyes.

Hyukjae's eyeliner is no longer perfect and shadow lines all over his eyelids,making him more hot than ever.

"Hyukjae,you're hot bastard!"Donghae whines and moves his hands on the chest of other just to grab and touch a bulge of muscles under the pale skin.

Hyukjae laughs again and says"And you're cute as always,Hae..." and his fingertips strokes Donghae's cheeks and wet bangs from the forehead.

"Aww..."Donghae shouts from the happiness and presses Hyukjae's head to his rapidly beating heart.

Red head kisses his chest and murmurs silently:"Donghae,are you ready to become my boyfriend?Officially?"

The brunette gasps and feels like his eyes filling with tears.Here it is words.What he waited for.

"Yes."Donghae didn't even try to hide his happiness and his voice sparkles with the joy.

And the whole world seems to become warmer and brighter.

Week later,Airport.

"Damn it!Where those two?!!!"Heechul angrily shouts and smacks Leeteuk's ass.

The elder widenes his eyes and asks his femine boyfriend:"What the heck is that for?"

"Just it's calms my nerves,Teukie.And you never complain before as I know...I'll rip the skin of Hyukjae and Donghae if I'll catch them in the toilet cubicle making 'sparkles' and 'magic'...When we were young as them we never were so horny...."

"We're the worst,remember?"

"Where the fuck your innocence hiding,old pervert?"

"My innocence working everywhere...except our bedroom."

"...And the elevator."

"...And the desk in the University's journalist centre."

"Hmm...Even your damn car,Teukie-ah!Hmmm...I got the idea..."

"Care for sharing?"

"What do you think about make something kinky in the plane's bathroom?"

"Deal."Leeteuk smirks and pats Heechul's butt to the holy amusement of unnoticed Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

"Hmmm...Tape of Hyukjae's and Donghae's mating we have...Wanna fulfill a collection?"Kyuhyun asks,evil ideas and plots sparkling in his dark eyes.

"Sure thing!Plane's bathroom?Sounds kinky!~"Sungmin replies with giggles.Somewhere was said that couples are sharing the same passions and interests.It was surely their case.Exactly.

I don't know what to say else , but damn it , I like it anyway!!!<333Comments are always loved , my dearies!!!Feedbacks and cookies too!<3333


Thank so much!<333