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figlenka16 in figlenka17

The life of mirrors(one-shot)

The life of mirrors |PG-13| Angst|one-sidedKyuhyun/Sungmin,slight!Kyuhyun/Victoria | 

Summary:Unrequited love - the life of mirrors that reflect another person instead of you...

A/N:Based on my own life's story and I'd burst into the tears for three times while writing this , so please bear with me and show me your life with your wonderful comments!T___T

It's hard to struggle with own feelings.Sungmin knew for sure,but he never tried to stop feeling.Yeah,it's horrible,it's the most masohistic way for torturing yourself,but he was aware that is just too late.

It's nothing,he thought that Kyuhyun didn't look at him the way Sungmin wanted,that the guy didn't even know about his existence.It's just simply alright.

Sungmin being stupid for imagining things,that will never happen in the real life,but it helps to make this painful squeezing feeling in his chest more easy,more light.

Here,in dreamland,they're together and nothing like a tall girls with shining brown hair and never-ending legs with Chinese blood in their veins never tear them apart.Kyuhyun holds Sungmin's hands sincerely like no one exist here,except him.And Sungmin hold him too,taken away those light bangs from this perfect and handsome face.

But reality is cruel-because there is no place for childish dreams like this,dreams stay dream,and nothing change this.

"Hi,I'm Victoria!Nice to meet you!Is your name Cho Kyuhyun?"tall,thin and fragile girl asks him And Kyuhyun immediately looks up,because he never passes out his ideal types of girls,and at this,Sungmin bitterly chuckles,he knows this guy too much,even they're never normally talk in reality.Their conversation was once in one of the social network.But it was awkward,Kyuhyun was speechless and Sungmin is just plain shy to ask something.

"Yeah ,it's me!Nice to meet you,Victoria..."he answers and voice so sweet and deep,like hot chocolate.Sungmin senses something and it eats him alive.It was hard to breath suddenly,like all air is suddenly disappeared.Sungmin looks at other directions,but not at them,not here,not in the view of others.He don't want to loose all his strength and guy wonder is it possible to die from heartbreak...

But no,everything is alright,even if Sungmin wants to squeeze this bitch's neck.

Suddenly he became deaf,all sounds vanished in the air like dust in their big classroom.

Sungmin shut his eyes in desperation,what happened.Then realisation hits him very hard and bit of happiness fills his little,fragile heart.

Kyuhyun looked at him.Not so long,just a couple of seconds,but Sungmin already ready to forgot all of bad reputation of the other and just fall in love with him again.Even it's just a single moment of affection,but he is happy.

Sungmin thought,that he can became a good collector.Because he,with all tenderness collects all their moments together,even if it's just a simple wandering gaze or witty comment,adressed to his direction.They're so fragile and precious,for Sungmin.But not for Kyuhyun.
But Sungmin believe,that something here exist.

Today,from Ryeowook said that Kyuhyun trembled in the Science class,because one of their classmates mentioned Sungmin's name.
Sungmin heart with pain and bliss beating like a hammer and things became much better,but then he holds himself and continues listening his friend's conversation.

There is faith he thought,but then life betrays him very cruel.

Kyuhyun's bad marks and his usual absence in the classes makes their work and in the summer,he was kicked out to study in some's cheap college.

Sungmin stops in his tracks from this familiar aching feeling.There is no faith at all,he thoughts and not tried to wipe cold tears ,rolling from his eyes.
The last year of high school life Sungmin spends without Kyuhyun presence.

At first time it was very hard,but then his preparations for University's enrolling cover everything and he thoughts that this is the end of their not-happen story.He laughs,jokes,smiles,walks in the streets,as usual.But heart is empty.Nothing will fill it again.Never.

And there is Graduation ball.Everyone is happy,and Sungmin is happy.Someone makes a comment about his beautiful look and he blushes.But in the other second,he felt like his heart slowly dying and sinks in the dusty floor.

Kyuhyun.Such painfully familiar body features.

Sungmin didn't hear any single word that their principal said,all sounds disappeared again like for the first time when Kyuhyun looked at him in the noisy classroom.
What he doing here,Sungmin thinks when stoods at the scene while Kyuhyun down there and his dark,silent and slight sad gaze fixed at him.
Sungmin felt uneasy and looked away.He won't trapped again or he was wrong?

The Graduation ball was difficult.Sungmin smiles all the way even his skulls can't move at all.

His eyes are teary all the time,but guy just jokes around about his low alcohol's tolerance.And because he want to forgot Kyuhyun's presence here,Sungmin walks to the middle of dance floor.And here,under colorful lights he let his body move in seductive way,that everyone's mouths became very dry.

He just didn't care.But sometimes,vibes of unbearable angst overtakes him and he want to cry.Sungmin blames his stupid imagination.And he wants this torture to end,guy looks at the other directions,but Kyuhyun is not here.

He makes his way to the night street and his heart almost bumping from his chest,when he sees tall figure.

Sungmin wants to take step,but he sees someone else in front of Kyuhyun,very close exactly.Victoria,who else.

They whispered sweet nothings and even Kyuhyun's tongue finds his way in this bitch's throat.

Sungmin bites on his lower lip to prevent his sobs.

"Sugar,we're going down..."brunette whispers and slowly walks away ready to cover his angst with mask of happiness.Here the end.Faith is somewhere,but not in the Sungmin's heart anymore.

"Kyu-bear,did you heard something?"Chinese girl asks and pulls away from tall boy's lips.

"Oh,Vic ,shut up and kiss me already!"he answers with the lazy announce and girl with giggles parts her full lips.He caresses her tits,hands wanders around her thin waist and sucks on her tongue.Her eyes are closed,but his not and his dark gaze follows a faint shadow in the dark road.

I don't know why is this so short and fail ></ready for bashing Please, forgive me-___-COMMENTS ARE SIMPLE LOVE!


awww , thankyu so much!It was kinda easy and hard to write it in the same time , bcz it's my own memories...But now , everything is alright!