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figlenka16 in figlenka17

Mr. Brightside

Mr. Brightside |PG-13| Angst/Romance | Hyukjae/Donghae |

Summary:Donghae is like a fresh and healing rain that fills the aching by sun dry soul of  Hyukjae ...

Arrogant playboy Lee Hyukjae receives mysterious love poems from a stranger...

Birthday fic for ashiyariko

A/N: I never was so proud of myself , because I spend the whole night for writing this fic!And I think I write this good and beautiful(except grammar mistakes -____-) So please,show me your love and praise me the comments!<333LOL Prologue


His mood was spoiled and he felt terribly exhausted and irritated because of what happened earlier.His head ached a little and his fingertips massaged  whiskey.But the pain didn't  pass, so he spent his last remaining lessons on the school roof.The sky was pale blue as the color of the paper notes that he received today.Oh, yeah ... note ...


Hyukjae fumbled in his pocket and read the text of the note over and over again.Who is this Mr.Brightside?Some  sick queer,he thought in announce,because acknowledge always get on his nerves.

Yeah,Hyukjae was person of mood,someone founded this sexy,someone-just simply arrogant and ill-mannered.But in each case,guy didn't care what others will think about him,because he never was self-doubt.


He had not so many friends, as if it would seem at first glance.He had many friends and companions, but real friends-unit ...He had the habit start a lot of 'friends' and to collect mobile numbers of girls, but he almost was nobody to really talk to pour out his heart, to complain about the teachers who called him a moron and didn't believe in his future or for some bitch , who tried to tame him like Pavlov's dogs.All of them always wanted from a Hyukjae.But Hyukjae was not the man who quietly may be subject to someone's wishes and needs.He was different and difficult.But he likes himself or he thought like that.


But there were people who had at least some influence on him.The first person Hyukjae could call his friend was Kim Jungsu or just simple, Leeteuk who was their school psychologist and a longtime friend of his parents.Leeteuk cared about Hyukjae since guy's birth and several times tried to change him to the good boy.But it was impossible,in this case.


The second person was Lee Sungmin,talented and kind guy,but a little closed-off because of his nature shyness and was always harshly meant to be cold-hearted person in the eyes of others.But seem to be,in imaginary way,he never cared about the person's opinions and this fact attached him somehow to the Hyukjae.They never talked about anything special, but only Hyukjae twisting his soul inside out only Sungmin, but his friend never shared his feelings back.


And the third person was his childhood friend,Junsu.They were attached to each other hip and shared same passion for the dancing,but now he was in Japan,thousand miles away.Their bond stayed the same,they send each others long e-mails about their sex life and new moves of dancing.Hyukjae not want to admit it, but he missed his old friend.


So, those people meant a lot to him, and he never wanted to let anyone else in his sphere of comfort, or while he was not ready for such changes.


And it seems, someone with nickname 'Mr.Brightside' persistently tried to break into his life, and at a fraction of a second he almost succeeded.Maybe...


Suddenly, his train of thought interrupted by the sound came from the entrance to the roof.Hyukjae roared in anger and rushed to a shabby green door.But there was nobody there but the door was open and in the darkness you hear the quick steps, but they weren't loud.


Hyukjae sighed and noticed a familiar note,that was attached to the hole in the whole and slight scent of rare flowers,which name Hyukjae never cared to know.In it was written:

"For this time no poems...

I'm just know,you feel pain and something missing in your life.


So let me in,let me fulfill your angst with my happiness.


Just let me,Hyikjae...


Sincerely yours,Mr.Brightside."


Hyukjae stared at the note stoned and his legs didn't moved even a little.


"Damn it,who are you...Mr.Brightside?!!"he loudly whispered and hit the opposite wall.


"You seem different today,Hyukjae,what happened?"Leeteuk curiously asked,while looking through the school student's profiles and at silent Hyukjae,who without any slight interest stared in surface in the both time.


Red head didn't replied and asked the psychologist again, but this time more insistently.


"Lee Hyukjae,answer the question or why you took you flat ass here while you didn't have anything in your mind?And also take a note:your face looked weird when you thought too much.You look exactly like a monkey,seriously!"


"And like that supposed to talk school psychologist to talk with the troubled student?It's unprofessional, hyung!"Hyukjae said and started playing with his phone.


"Huh?It's just the way to untie your tongue,dongsaeng.What happened or something bothered you?You know,you always can tell me anything,Your secrets won't become public knowledge, believe me!"


"Mmm...okay.It's not that necessary,but seem to be it bothers me a lot.I can't figure something and you know my hate towards acknowledge..."Hyukjae muttered,fists clenched.


"Is this something that you don't know and want to reach it ,but failed,I'm right?"


Red head nodded.


Suddenly both guys heard some silent knock in the door and Leeteuk lifted his head from the stack of papers and said:"Come in!"


Hyukjae rolled in his chair to take a look at the person,who stood in doorway.But he was met by a bouquet of fresh flowers and legs in gray trousers.


"I'm sorry,Leeteuk-hyung,but you know it took a time to Heechul-hyung to choose bouquet for you!...Oh..."stranger said,hastily approached Leeteuk's desk and stopped in his tracks,when saw Hyukjae's figure and his surprised face.


His big dark brown orbs widened,but boy rapidly look away and fixed his attention to the Leeteuk instead.


"Oh,never mind,never mind!With personality like Heechul's it always needed time...By the way,thanks you,sorry for your wasting time!"


"It's nothing big,though...I like to bring people a piece of beauty!And here,it's for you,Hyikjae-shii!"short brunette smiled and shyly handed to Hyukjae rare,fragile flower.While the red head didn't have any time to say anything, he hurried to the door, leaving himself only by floral fragrance.


Hyukjae wide-eyed stared at the flower in his hands and guy felt like his cheeks burned with unknown heat.


"What is it creature?"he asked,unaware of Leeteuk's knowing smile,which he gave him.


"You're talking about this piece of sunshine?"




Leeteuk chuckled by lack of words from Hyukjae ,but answered simply.


"He's beautiful,right?His name is Lee Donghae."



Final exams passed and summer came quietly in his rightful reign.Hyukjae rejected a Minho's proposal ,captain of the football team of their school, to spend the first summer month in the villa of his parents, hinting at the presence of large amounts of alcohol and a crowd of girls in bikinis.And Hyukjae refused to travel to Thailand with his ex, Jessica, because he didn't want once again explain the reason for their breakup.


Therefore Hyukjae was alone in a huge house because his parents were away at work, as they were managing well-known travel agency and most of the time they were lost in the working trips to various parts of the world.Hyukjae didn't complain though,because the whole house was his and he could invite any girl for one-night stand without warning with sudden visit of his parents.They send him expensive presents and souvenirs,but they all stood in the dark dusty corner of his room.And Hyukjae never tried to open them.He just didn't have any interest.


IIn the boredom, one warm summer afternoon he phoned Sungmin, but he said that he had gone on a trip with his photographic club on a trip to the mountains and promised to bring a bunch of photos.He said with hard even hiden excitement that he would be partners with fellow members of this club,snarky,but talented Kyuhyun and gentle master of perfect composition Siwon.


Hyukjae chuckled slightly and wished his friend a nice vacation.When he heard more voices from Sungmin's side(it was obviously Kyuhyun's and Siwon's ) and slyly added to comeback safe and be able to walk properly,then hang up,cracking at the irritated noise,that his friend realised and following muffled giggles of Sungmin's partners.


Hyukjae sighed and sunk to the red leather coach in the huge living room.Another daily basis boredom.


But annoying silence was interpreted by the sudden call of Leeteuk.


"Hyukjae, quickly pack a suitcase and go out into the street, I will soon come for you, in fifteen minutes!And not detained!"and then hastily hang up,leaving Hyukjae in the slight confusion.




"You trapped me, hyung!I'm leaving!I don't want to stay at your place for the whole month,not in my life!!!You're leaving at the most far part of Seoul,there aren't any dancing club here!Damn it!"Hyukjae cursed Leeteuk from tip to tue,while walking back and forth in his hyung'd light kitchen.

"Your parents asked me to take care of you while they away for the work!And I promise ,it would be fun here!"


"Huh,they asked?They're always away and never cared about my being alone the whole time!I'm used to it!And why it would be fun here?"


"Because!!!There is a park, and even a dance studio!And also across the street there is a store of an old friend ..."


"Alright...Is here existed people of my age?"


"Oh,yes!He worked at this flower shop...Oh ,here he is!"Leeteuk cheerfully said and dragged straggling Hyukjae to the open window.


Red head's eyes widenes when he sees like short brunette walked outside and caressed with his pale hands fragile flowers in the long white vases.


"It's Donghae?..."Hyukjae asked,trying to slow up pace of his rapidly beating heart.


"Oh,you're remember him?That's pretty good!Then go and greet him!"


"Ehh?I don't want to?"






"Oh,don't be so stubborn !Come and show your hidden good personality!Go!Go!"


And Hyukjae was shamelessly kicked from the house.


"DAMN IT,HYUNG!I HATE YOU!"he cursed Leeteuk and almost hit himself when sees that Donghae lifted his head to his direction from the other side of the road and waved to him happily.


Swallowed hard,he felt like his heart almost bumping from his chest and falling in his stomach when brunette stand up and make his way to Hyukjae.


"Hi"he said and shyly smiled.


"Hi"Hyukjae stupidly repeats and cursed disappearance of his playboy image.But in the second,he didn't care.Because the air around Donghae so fresh and scent of different kinds of flowers overtaken him.



And that's how days started roll and Hyukjae didn't even tries to call his vacation days boring.He simply wasted his time talking with Donghae outside flower's shop,where head was that old friend of Leeteuk or just looked after brunette from the window of guest's room with the glass of strawberry milk in one hand and with some smart book from his hyung's library.He likes watch Donghae without any visible reason.The boy is lookable.


And Hyukjae almost forgot about this mysterious 'Mr.Brightside',because he never received any notes from him for a whole month since last that he finded in the hole of school's roof.And then,a letter.From 'Mr.Brightside',in the mailbox of Leeteuk.


Hyukjae carefully drew a letter and sneaking through the house, though it's empty, because Leeteuk somewhere in his activity with Heechul.And Donghae out of his sight, sadly.


So,Hyukjae collapses in the coach and opens the mysterious letter.


"Long time no see?


Yeah,and I am already miss you...


I'm crawling for your smile,where are you hide it?


Please,show me it.


When time will run and our meeting happens....


Or we already met?Do you know that,Hyukjae?


As always,yours,Mr.Brightside"


"Who he tried to fool?Huh,I'm not that easy..."Hyukjae muttered in the slight irritation,maybe because he missed those mysterious notes or just the absence of Donghae's presence drives him crazy?Or is he just paranoid?Or all together?


He never cared to choose,because he slowly drifted in the nap,that madly smelled like flowers in the bare Donghae's hands...




"So how many girlfriends you had,Hyukjae?"Heechul slyly asked ,when the four of them sitting in the dining table in the warm evening in the next day.


Leeteuk cracked up in the question,while Donghae for some reason blushed and Hyukjae even admits,that he look cute like that even that he almost choked in his food.


"Damn it,hyung,stop asking such embracing questions!"Donghae blurt out and fixed his gaze in suddenly interesting white as fresh snow napkin.


"Oh,it's alright,Donghae!I'll answer!Okay,I had girlfriends as much as a count of your boyfriends,hyung!"Hyukjae simply said and took a sip of water ,totally ignore Heechul's death glare.But he can't passed by even than more red cheeks of Donghae.


"You're cute,Donghae"he said and immediately bite on his tongue from the stupid words,because he aware that sly pair of two old hyungs that pretending to be young guys,will mock him of it.

But no,Heechul is busy of squeezing all oxygen of Leeteuk's lungs,that's why Donghae's pink lips stretched into an angelic smile and Hyukjae thinks which kind of taste this smile have.



One week remains until the end of his vacation home in Leeteuk and Hyukjae thinks of possibility stretch of days, hours, minutes and seconds.


One night he sit in the guest room and checked out all the mails that Sungmin send from his photography trip with the two most amazing partners in the world(in Sungmin's opinion of course!) and realisation of his friend's chooses finally hits him.And he not so disgusted,that's so strange even for red head!


Then he reads rare e-mails from Junsu,because even in the summer vacation he's busy as hell with all that countless dancing and singing practises and long,sleepless nights in the airports and buses.


Junsu didn't complain about anything,even if Hyukjae knows that his friend tired and needs proper rest.But also,red head knows,that Junsu has a dream and he not afraid to catch her.


And Hyukjae for the first time thinking what kind of dream he has,and maybe what Donghae wants so far,or even this obsessive poet 'Mr.Brightside'?




In the next day Donghae invited Hyukjae to go to a dance studio, which was located nearby.


And no wonder, Hyukjae agrees, because brunette's eyes sparkle like night stars when he hears this simple word 'yes'.


And they dancing despite that bad wooden floor and even lack of fresh oxygen.


Hyukjae even loosed his last remaining of air in his lungs when Donghae suddenly stumbles on his foot and with painful expression beautifully falls on the floor.


Hyukjae pushed the crowd and lifted trembling brunette, ignoring all strange looks that people gave them.This is only him,Donghae and his smooth,wet from tears chin against his shoulder.


Hyukjae smiles at the sensation and tightly wrapped his arms around small body in his embrace for protection,because he is afraid to loose this heat and warmness,that vibrated through whole Donghae's clothed skin.


"Thanks..."he muttered in red head's shoulder silently,his breath tickles the crock of Hyukjae's pale neck.


"Hmmm...You know,it's nothing when it's you,Donghae...It's you."


"Hyukjae..."brunette mumbles and his lips brushed against Hyukjae's skin.


The latter remains silent and suddenly urge of crying hit him,but he harshly showed those stupid thoughts because big boys never cry.It's stupid.




In the last days of June Hyukjae is barely sleep and his bags under the eyes make themselves known.And all because he, an experienced playboy, don't have the courage to ask the phone number of  Donghae.When he thinks about it , his knees begin to shake and hands get hot and wet from sweat.


Two old men aka Heechul and Leeteuk noticed some changes in Hyukjae's personality since he was here and incessantly mocking him for his 'love sick'.


Slightly annoyed red head just showed them off and advised them to find something else to do just don't make his life miserable.


Once he was in the street while Donghae in the crowd of flowers that surrounded him,tries to do something in sitting position because his legs was in the process of healing after their 'fail dance practise'.


Hyukjae was about to approach him, but guilt nailed him in place and so he turned his back and decided to check the contents of the mailbox.And in surprise Hyukjae discovered painfully familiar envelope and rushed to expand its.


It says:


"Long time no see ,right?Are you still remember me,I think that no...I see you have more important things to figure now,I sense this through your soul.You'll be asking why,that's because I have secretly a telepathic abilities,tsk!
And maybe,you're waiting to know who I am?Let me guess...Maybe,I'm the grass,or sky,or pink cloud,or orange light,or cold water...Anything,you can wonder...But one thing still remains the same,I'm always here ,behind you,ready to hold you when you upset and maybe ready for your attention towards me.Just take a look,take one step.Just one step,Hyukjae.

With all love of my heart,Lee Donghae"


Hyukjae dropped the note in the fluffy grass.And look,And took one step.Donghae didn't look at him,but Hyukjae can feel his presence.Here,right now and beside him.


He took one look,took one step.And Donghae took a look and took one step.


"Hey,you know,that you're look cute with the glasses and that you're so angelic,that I thought that yours chromosomes combined beautifuly...You're my Brightside,Donghae."Hyukjae says firmly,without hesitation and pulls smiling brunette in the kiss.

So how it is?Hope I did this well?And one question , somebody wants a spin-offs for WonKyumin and Heeteuk ?And maybe some more one-shots to this verse, because I'll miss this story as well!<333COMMENTS ARE LOVED!PLEASE!Make me write more!<33



WOW!Thankyu so much dear for commenting and reading<3333It means a lot!<3333