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July 4th, 2011

figlenka16 in figlenka17

Feel it in my bones(Sequel to 'S&M(Pretty when you cry)' )(One-shot)

 Feel it in my bones | NC-17 | Romance/Smut/Drama(a little)/Comedy | Hyukjae/Donghae , hint!Kibum/Donghae(just to piss Hyukjae off LOL) , Leeteuk/Heecchul , Kyuhyun/Sungmin | Warning:porn , swearing , mentions of sex life of Teukchul

Summary:University goes to the sea trip , what can be better?But Hyukjae pissed and Donghae tried to understand their current relationship.

A/N:Ermm...Okay.Here I am.I promised to post it earlier , but I was busy as hell , sorry if I lost to fix some mistakes , be dare to point me at them , okay?I enjoyed writing this really(because I love writing porn * A *) and I tried to develop their relationship(aside of sex , of course)So enjoy this as I am, hope my writing skills improved a lot,LOL. HERE the link to the 'S&M(Pretty when you cry)'

Red head kisses his chest and murmurs silently:"Donghae,are you ready to become my boyfriend?Officially?"Collapse )

figlenka16 in figlenka17

New verse(AU about male prostitutes in the postmodern Seoul)

 Lol, I don't know how this idea bumbed into my head despite that fact that I didn't write like a week LOL >< So,ima will post summary and maybe tomorrow will post story introduction and some information about starring characters...Story will contain various pairings(canon and non-canon) and also pairings of DBSK....So,hope my readers and followers will follow this story no matter what(I really hope because this idea inspiring me!)

So this is the summary for the Kēji!verse ( read, Cage!verse )

On the streets of postmodern Seoul remained not a single sign of  beauty and nature and the city is gradually dying.But there still left a haven of beauty - Flower cage, the best brothel with the most beautiful young men of the whole Korea.For the right to have these expensive flowers for ages,  worth paying and giving much.Even your heart and life ...

Warnings:sex scenes ( maybe graphic XDDD) , violence , disturbing themes , drug and alcohol abuse , blood , psycho characters and maybe character's death.

So ?How this idea?Hope , it's not that sucks and can I start this or not?-____-( I swear no one will read this heavy stuff *sob*)