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 Don't ask me why I do this ,but I have my reasons...
I locked all my fics here and soon will lock all in my journal!
1)So,at first go HERE and drop a comment!
2)Then , comeback again and drop a comment in this entry and push the bottom "Join this community" and I'll accept this requests!
If you weren't accepted then you're not follow the instructions and rules!Thank you!Enjoy my fics


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-What is your name and how old are you?hi im sara but u can call me memo..17 this year ^^
-The reason is added, or want to add?i like ur fics <33
-Who is your SJ bias? donghae & eunhyuk^^
-A little about yourself?I am new to LJ and im searching 4 friends
so add me^^ <33

Re: memo94

added!<3333Nice to meet you,Memo!Enjoy reading my fics and comment!<333 Check out my masterlist and fic request , now I'm in the hiatus bb!<33
Hello. My name is Teeya. I'm 23 this year and I would love to read your fanfic.My bias is Kyumin and also Haehyuk.Let's be friends and I hope you wont mind adding me. \(^O^)/
Oh nice to meet you Unnie!<333But I aware you that I didn't write Haehyuk,I'm into top!Hyuk just saying!I wouldn't be able to update now,I'm in writing hiatus,I'll only would post re-edit versions of my old fics! Btw,enjoy my fics!/adds you!
eh? The journal deleted? Where i should leave a comment? .__.
haha,i'm new in LJ. I'll leave my comment here. ^0^
I'm sacchi,or call me with that name. Hehe
I'm 19 yo this year. Hbu?
Why i add? I love your fics,so i want to read it again. ^0^
bcoz i'm a newcomer too, i want search some friends. Hehe
nice to know u.
Hi im gia im already a friend on your journal and decided to add this one too because I love your fics and I wanted to read all of them and show my support for what you do ^_^
ohaaaaii there! :D

-What is your name and how old are you?
HELLO!! My name is Lala! And I'm 17 same as you! :D I hope we could be friends :3

-The reason is added, or want to add?
I love your fanfictions! So I wanna read them more :)

-How did yo find me?
I found you through HyukHae's livejournal (community)

-Who is your SJ bias?
My bias is Leeteuk but my OTP bias is EunHae or KyuWon <333 But mostly I spazz about eunhae though ^___^

-A little about yourself?
I'm from Malaysia. And uhm... I love cute and fluffy stuffs or bears. I loveeee colorful things. And anything cute like rainbow, unicorns etc lol (i know i'm weird -.-) and i love to daydreaming as well hehe. I hope you'll add me!
Hello again!! ^_^
- Hello I am Lorrie and I am 19 years old.
- I would love to read the fic "Murderous Intentions" ^_^
- I found you through the SuJu Miracle site
- hmmmm that's a toughy.... >_< i would have to say Kyumin, Hyukhae and Kangteuk
- i am currently a college student in california and kpop is like my life!!! ^_^
thank you for invite me honeeeeeeeeeeeeey >.<
glad to accept it!!and now im going to read all!!heheheheheheehehehehehehehehe
btw, i want to introduce myself..well actually i kinda forget that i had gave you intro or not?hehehehehehehehehe
sorry if i already did.. ^^
annyeooooooooong, rinda imnida 16 yo..im elfish indonesia and loooooooooooove hyukhae..you know what i mean rite?and sorryyyyyyyy, i never want to read haehyuk..dont know why..hehehehehehe
and lucky to find you that writes hyukhae!! *runs around my rooms heheheheheheheehe
ao thank you once again babyyyyy, waiting for your next!especially your murderous intentions..kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cant wait for it!!
bye bb..love yaaaaaaaaa *kisses
Hi, Kiraaaaa :)
I just drop a comment on ur personal acc,
and reposted in here,
- My name is Agni (it means fire), and I'm 18 y.o
- I just found out that u're a good fic writer so, yeah. . . here I am.
- I found you through one of KyuMin community :)
- My bias is CHOI SIWON XDDDDDD, but I'm a Kyumin shipper.
- Err, actually I'm new in KPop slash and just created this account.
*I already have an LJ acc, but it focus on football stuff. So I just made this new one*
So, would you mind to accept me in this community?
Hope we can be a good friends XDDD
Oh hi Unnie adds you , but the most of my old fics in my journal so I'll add to a f-list ,so enjoy my fics!<333keke
hello i'm dea, 16. want to read your fics and be your friend, my bias is donghae. i'm friendly ^_^v

oh yeah i'm sorry that i forgot to leave a comment here hehe
hey dear ;)
What is your name and how old are you?
Im akma nafeera, but u can call me akma. im 20 this year <3

The reason is added, or want to add?
i really2 love ur fic collection :) hope i can read the older one.

How did yo find me?
i found u at miracle community :)

Who is your SJ bias?
Ryeowook, donghae, kyuhyun & eunhyuk :) (TOP 4)

A little about yourself?
Im from Malaysia. i love reading fanfic when im bored (which is always...) hihi.

I hope u can add me back :)
awww thankyu for liking but I write mostly Kyumin and Hyukhae!<333 adds you!enjoy!<333
*wave hand*

i'm syahida @ cieda
21 Y.O
from malaysia..
luv to read haehyuk/eunhae fic.. kyumin fic also
my biased..eunhyuk-oppa
otp:haehyuk/eunhae n kyumin

nice meeting u!!!
Hi dear!Nice to meet you /adds you enjoy my writing and comment please!<3
Annyeonng~ hmm.. now, to answer your questions:

-What is your name and how old are you?
I'm Ge or Miyoung you can call me which ever you prefer ^^

-The reason is added, or want to add?
oh~ I really want to read your fics! That's why~ ^_^ And I also want to be friends with you ^^

-How did yo find me?
I found you on HyukHae community ^^ I've gotten interested in one of your fics so I wanted to read more~ :D

-Who is your SJ bias?
Donghae oppa~ <3
2nd is Kyu and 3rd is Hyuk~

-A little about yourself?
About me? hmm.. I'm not really that much of a writer. I'm more of an artist! -as in drawing, painting and all. hmm I'm an ELF of course hehe~ hmm.. that's basically me~ hehe~ I'm not a silent reader but teehee I'm kind of a ninja~ kekeke~
Nice to meet you , dear!Enjoy my fics and comment please!<333
hi! followed ur instructions. ^^ already dropped the comment in ur journal, and this is my comment here. keke hope we can be friends. :)
Yeah sure , nice to meet Unnie!<3 But for now I'm not that much writing kyumin,more hyukhae!Anyway enjoy my fics and please comment!<3
hello there~
you can call me jehd..
im an 86liner.. so ill be 25 soon~
i read your fics thats why i found you...
im a HYUKstan but i sometimes fish on Hae...
i feed on Eunhae... and nobody comes in between them...
i guess that's all :)
But you never commented?*sigh* Anyway , thank you and I'll add you , enjoy my fics!
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