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figlenka16 in figlenka17

Two Tained Souls,One Love(drabble)

Two Tained Souls,One Love. | NC-17 | WC:620 (drabble) | Angst/Romance/AU!brothel/Dystopia | incest!Hyukjae/Donghae | Warning:incest,disturbing themes,sex scenes

A/N:This is a part from this huge verse!

Summary:On the streets of postmodern Seoul remained not a single sign of beauty and nature and the city is gradually dying.But there still left a haven of beauty - Flower cage, the best brothel with the most beautiful young men of the whole Korea...

Their love was tained by forbidden lust and dirty desire...But not matter what happening,they have each other just to hold on...

The last time we slept together
There was something that was not there
You never wanted to alarm me
But I'm the one that's drowning now

I could sleep forever these days
Because in my dreams I see you again
But this time fleshed out, fuller faced
In your confirmation dress

It was so like you to visit me
To let me know you were ok
It was so like you to visit me
You always worried about someone else...

(Bloc Party - Signs , listen to this too!Such a brilliant song...)

"Hyukkie!Are you ready?We are gonna be late for school!"Donghae yells from the corridor,already dressed and combed,impatiently waiting for his older brother to be ready.

Hyukjae with flushed cheeks runs from the kitchen and almost knocks Donghae on the floor.His dark locks stand in the odd angles,so his little brother with tenderness and stupid grin in the thin rosy lips fixes them and kisses his cheek in the sign of greeting.

"Donghae,stop yelling so loud,mother still sleeping and father is working on the computer..."Hyukjae mutters with the slight annoyance and wipes the spot,where Donghae kissed him,flushing more redder.

"They don't even get out of bed to take us to school!How did I miss Sungmin-hyung,why he moved away from us?"Donghae whispers and takes warm hand of Hyukjae in his,clenching it slightly.

Hyukjae watches him with concern and his pale face glowing in the morning sunlight,dark gaze follows each movement of the smaller boy.

Then he lowers his head and kisses a spot,under the ear and Donghae swears ,it sends him creep under his spine and his neck and face colored with bright pink.

"They are need this...Believe me,Hae.Do you feel more better?"Hyukjae asks and caresses other's back with smooth circles and Donghae nods,burning with unknown shame.Always,always,Hyukjae's touches makes him such a  girl.

"Yeah,let's go now,Hyukkie..."small boy mutters and they went on a noisy street, where was located near their elementary school.

Suddenly Donghae stumbles and falls on the stonein his eyes red circles and the breath leaves the lungs violent jolting.

He hears from underwater like Hyukjae cries for help and holds his hand,gripping it that his fingers threatening to break.

"Is this Lee brothers?Yeah,poor boys came from such odd family!My friend told me that their mother sends herself in the streets,that's why we never saw her in the daylight!"

"Right,right!Their father is strange too!Having such parents...It might be tough for them."

"STOP THIS!DON'T TALK ABOUT MY PARENTS LIKE THAT!"Donghae wants to shout , but then all his world soaking in bloody dark and all he can feel is the warmness of Hyukjae's hand in his,everything else doesn't matter anymore.Anymore.

"Donghae!Donghae!Are you alright?"someone's husky,yet sweetly familiar voice calls for him and Donghae opens his eyes with the heavy breath,sweat lines streaming on his naked pale body features.

Donghae blinks several times until his vision clears and he sees worried expression of his older brother near his face,their legs intertwined under the thin blanket and Hyukjae's hand caresses Donghae's back curves lovingly.

"Hae,are you alright?Do you saw a bad dream again?"he asks again and presses their bodies much closer than ever,that causing other nearly jump in the shameless sensation.

"It's alright,Hyukkie...Ah!"Donghae squeals,when red head places wet kiss below his ear.

"W-what is this for?You're horny a-again?"brunette asks,while Hyukjae silently refreshing possessive red marks in the flesh of Donghae's bare neck,his warm,strong hands spreading other's butt cheeks in the lazy passion.

"Morning greeting,isn't it?"Hyukjae responds in the between sucking kisses in the low voice,that making Donghae melt like an ice cream in the hot summer.

"Yeah,but...Ah!If Sungmin-hyung at h-home,he will hear us!Ah...Lee Hyukjae,it's enough for morning greeting!"Donghae nearly yells and jumps from their love nest to the bathroom,following by the loud laugh of his brother.

Ermm...This is my first ever attempt to write a incest!fic with Hyukhae -____- I hope , I did well , because I didn't like what I write -____- Comments are always loved!<333


SPOT? kekeke~

whoa~ so cool!!
Sequel? :)
Actually , this is the part of one-shot , but I can't finish this for now -___- Anyway , thank you for comment!<3333